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Memories by coopyey Memories by coopyey
Finally got around to finishing this kiddo up. d:

Bleh. I can't make it much bigger or else my computer won't let me view it. >: Oh wells. I'll get around to fixing that problem later.

Just an id I WOULD use if dA didn't become all finicky over file sizes. So I'll put it under ID because that's what I wanted it to be, though I can't use it anymore.

Just a number of memories swirling around in my head, along with a few key things.

The two quotes at the top of the picture are from a roleplay my friend Kwig and I have been in for a while now, our characters reacting with each other. The purple/blue is my character Crainte (depicted in the upper right hand corner) and the red/yellow is Kwig's character Johnny from JTHM. It's a big memory for me because, even though the characters do not exist, Kwig and I are very attached to them.

The quote along the right in the emboss rainbow is just a quote that I thought was amazing from a song I was listening to while making this. Besides, I needed something over there anyway.

The butterflies. Butterflies are huge with me. They are love. They are happiness. They are joy. They are laughter. They are comfort. They are sympathy. They are empathy. They are sadness. But most of all, they are gentle and fragile. So many memories of mine connect to butterflies, though butterflies are not physically in any of those memories.

The people in the city vector... I'm not explaining them. They are an inside reference (like an inside joke, only a reference) between my friends and me.

The city itself with the rainbow... Well, I've always associated with rainbows. I just love 'em. :] The city just caught my eye, expressing my busy side. Then there's that lovely detail in the corner of the abstract vectors. xD

---And now for credits!---
Butterflies from =Shoofly-Stock
Urban Vectors brushes from *redheadstock/Obsidian Dawn
Vector Tech Curves brushes from ~IHEA
The following are the people inside the cityscape.
Girl on far left from ~bymeestock; Original
Girl in middle from ~mare-wrath-stock; Original
Guy on top from ~Squid-Bear-Stock; Original
JTHM (guy on bottom) ©Jhonen Vasquez
bymeestock Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
erf... scuse me for my other message...
I see me ;)
Nice art, and i've linked you on my picture !
coopyey Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
It works. :]

I apologize for your picture being so hard to see. :\ I tried to fix that, but that was the best I could do.

Thanks! n_n!
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May 1, 2009
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